Chemical peels are cosmetic treatments that utilize a chemical solution to improve the appearance and feel of the skin by gently peeling away the first layer of damaged skin. They are beneficial for a variety of conditions such as acne, pigmentation, rough texture, scarring, sun damage, and uneven skin tone.

Chemical peels are typically included in our medical facials with some exceptions. Your clinician may recommend you undergo a chemical peel or not after a skincare analysis is conducted which is dependent on the individual’s skin care needs and goals.

We are committed to having the highest quality skincare in our clinic, which is why we use SkinCeuticals, the number one clinical and medical aesthetic brand in the world.

Consult: 20-30 minutes

Treatment: 30-45 minutes

Downtime: 1-2 weeks

Results: Results with some individuals can be immediate, however, best results seen after the skin peels in about 1-2 weeks. Important to note that treatment outcomes may vary by individuals.

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